AT&T Phone: The Evolution of Home Phone Service

Calling has never been more convenient. Connect with local and international friends and family with reliable home phone service from AT&T. It’s your home phone, modernized.

Tons of Features

This isn’t your basic home phone. AT&T Phone is the complete home phone service you’ve been looking for. Get over 25 calling features* when you add phone to your bundle, including:

Why have a home phone?

Even if it isn’t your first line of communication, a home phone can be a valuable resource for accessing the world.

Less dropped calls

Tired of constantly searching for a signal? A home phone will give you solid service every time without having to search for a wireless signal, making it perfect for calling clients from your home office.

Emergency backup

Purchase the optional battery backup for your phone and feel secure knowing you’ll be able to contact help during a power outage. See for more information.

High-quality sound

With the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology included in AT&T Phone service, your calls are translated to data and transmitted over the internet, giving you clear conversations no matter what.

Talk as much as you want

Chat with family and friends all over the world with affordable international plans. Plus, if one home phone isn’t enough, you can add extra lines – great for home offices – at a low cost.