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Learn About Cable ONE

Cable ONE, Inc. is a United States cable provider that offers high speed Internet, cable television, and telephone service. The company, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, currently serves over 700,000 customers in its serviceable areas across the country, and offers services for both individual homeowners and larger scale packages for businesses. Since Cable ONE cable TV service is restricted by location, not all services are available in all states. Read on for more information about this provider's availability and packages.

Cable ONE Availability

Cable ONE packages are limited based on the locations of the company's physical cable lines. Currently, this provider can service homes or businesses in 19+ states across the U.S. These include Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Washington, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, and more. For specific information about Cable ONE in your area, please visit the Location section of the provider's home website. You can also learn more by selecting your home state from the list below:

MississippiMissouriNebraskaNew Mexico
North DakotaOklahomaOregonSouth Dakota

Cable ONE Cable TV Service

There are two television packages available for Cable ONE customers. These two options differ in price and channel lineup:

  • Standard Cable TV - This package has up to 100 channels, including networks such as CNN, ESPN, Disney.
  • Economy Cable TV - This package has up to 20 channels, with local news, weather, and sports.

More TV add-ons are available with either package at an additional cost. Cable ONE cable TV customers can choose to buy more advanced equipment, like a TiVo receiver for recording and rewinding shows. Other add-on options include channel packs for more entertainment, like the Digital Value Pack that would add networks like Disney Junior, NFL Channel, and National Geographic Channel to a Cable ONE customers' lineup.

Other Cable ONE Packages

In addition to cable television offers, Cable ONE has Internet and phone plans available in some areas of the country. Packages for Internet from this provider come at three download speeds – 50 Mbps, 60 Mpbs, or 70 Mbps. For phone service, Cable ONE offers Standard Phone and a lower-cost Economy Phone.

Like most providers, different Cable ONE packages can be bundled for savings. For example, a customer can purchase a TV + Internet package together and get an overall lower cost on both services. For specific information on bundle package pricing, please refer to Cable ONE Bundle Offers web page.

Alternative Provider Options

Cable ONE packages are just one of the many possibilities for TV and Internet service in your home. If Cable ONE does not service your area, or you want more entertainment choices than Cable ONE has to offer, consider DIRECTV. Read on for more information.

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