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Customer service: It’s more important than you may think

When shopping for TV, Internet or phone service, there’s more to your shopping list than just channel lineups, Internet speeds and phone minutes. Customer service is a factor you may not think about when you’re shopping, but it’s an important key to enjoying great TV, Internet and phone service at your home.

Look for a company that delivers swift and helpful customer service to get the most out of your TV and Internet packages. Having a lineup of TV channels is nothing without great customer service to back it up. Make sure you get a perfect blend of both and you’ll enjoy turning on the TV or connecting to the Internet even more.

Get the details on customer service from leading TV providers here!

Get the help you need with customer service

Customer service representatives can help you with a number of things. What do you need help with? You can:

  • Get information about ordering TV, Internet or phone services for your home.
  • Find out about bundling options for double and triple play services.
  • Get help with existing service, including troubleshooting, equipment issues, service cancelation, upgrades and more.
  • View your account details online and even pay your bills online with some providers.

When so much relies on you’re the service you get, great customer service is key to enjoying your home entertainment experience. Read on for more about customer service from the biggest television providers in the country.

DIRECTV Customer Service

DIRECTV provides satellite TV service to more than 19 million customers across the United States – more than any other satellite TV provider. DIRECTV customer service is offered 24/7 to customers who need help, either online or by phone.

Plus, DIRECTV boasts an amazing customer satisfaction rating. For the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable. That’s something that just can’t be beat!

DISH Customer Service

For more than 14 million customers, DISH customer service can be found online or by phone any time. Get support and help with billing, technical questions, equipment, service cancelation and more.

Comcast Customer Service

With more than 20 million customers, Comcast is the largest cable TV provider in the United States. Find Comcast customer service information online in the forums or help sections, or by phone.

Time Warner Cable Customer Service

As the second largest cable company in America, Time Warner Cable delivers service to about 12 million customers. For customer support, you can get information online about using equipment and the Time Warner Cable guide, setting parental controls and more. Live chat is available 24/7 and support is offered by phone, as well, with Time Warner customer service.

Cox Cable Customer Service

Cox Cable customer service is available online for help with orders, account management, bill pay and more. Customers can also call 24/7 for additional help from a Cox Cable customer service representative.

Find your customer service match today

Whether you’re interested in finding information about DISH customer service or Time Warner Cable customer service, you can get some helpful details here. Get all the information you need to decide which of these top providers is worthy to deliver television to your home.

Explore the television options in your area to see which provider can give you the service you want and the support you need. Learn more today!

1As compared to major subscription cable TV providers: 2001- 2016. 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

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