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DISH TV Packages

DISH Network Offers Satellite Television

DISH TV is one option for satellite television service in the United States. By choosing one of the six different DISH Network packages, you could get the full DISH Network channel lineup in your home. If you do not feel you need all of the channels available on the DISH Network channel list, you can choose a satellite television package with fewer channels for a lower cost. DISH also provides the option of DISH bundles, where you can choose one DISH Network package and then add both High-Speed Internet and home phone service to save time and money.

DISH Network Packages

There are a variety of packages available, each offering a different number of television channels in the DISH Network channel lineup. Channel counts have a wide range (from 55+ to 320+), so it’s important to think about which of the six packages would best fit your entertainment needs. Various DISH network promotions throughout the year could affect the prices of these packages, or could add extras or bonuses.

America’s “EVERYTHING” Pak

The ultimate package from DISH. This option is perfect for TV lovers and channel surfers who crave tons of television options, because there are over 320 channels available. 30 of these channels are commercial-free movie channels. This package is the most expensive option from DISH.

America’s TOP 250

This package from DISH TV offers over 290 channels, including 15 movie channels. This package boasts more news channels than any other packages besides EVERYTHING. News channels are important for those who want to stay constantly updated with the broadcasts from around the world.

America’s TOP 200

This package offers slightly less channels, with 235+ available. These channels include programming options such as family shows, news broadcasts, and various sports coverage. Some of the sports networks available are the NFL Network, CBS College Sports, NHL Network, CBS College Sports, and the NFL Network.

The America’s TOP 120Plus

This package offered by DISH includes access to 190+ channels. This is the lowest-cost option for a package that includes Regional Sports Networks. These Regional Sports Networks are available based on your ZIP code, with some areas including one or more than one.

America’s TOP 120

This package is the same as the abovementioned 120 PLUS package minus the Regional Sports access. The 190+ channels available include core networks such as CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon, and the Discovery Channel.

Smart Pack

This is the least expensive package from DISH, which offers a DISH Network channel list of at least 55 stations. These 55+include Nickelodeon, FOX News, and CBS Sports, plus the local channels for your area.

DISH Bundles

If you choose to order one of the DISH Network Packages, you also have the option to add High-Speed Internet as well as a home phone line to your purchase. Choose to bundle your purchase with DISH to get all three services in your home at the same time. You could also save money by purchasing your services in a DISH bundle, because there may be DISH network promotions offering discounts. dishNET is the high-speed satellite Internet offered by DISH, and is one of the Internet providers available. If you purchase both DISH TV and dishNET Internet, you will be able to pay for both of those services in a single bill each month. You can also choose to bundle with an outside company for Internet, such as Verizon, Windstream, AT&T, EarthLink, CenturyLink, Frontier, or TDS.

Entertainment for Your Home

Purchasing satellite television service from a provider such as DISH or DIRECTV will bring you hours of great TV programming and movies! And if you decide to bundle your television service with High-Speed Internet, the entertainment options in your home will grow even more. For more information or to get satellite TV today, call now. Existing Dish customers should call the customer service number.

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